Local Shelters

Hurricane shelters are a last resort. If you have family, friends, or a hotel to go to our of the area, it would be preferable to staying in an emergency shelter.

However, if you must use one, locations have been predetermined to protect our residents. The decision to open shelters will depend on the severity of events and needs of the community. Not all shelters will be opened for each incident. Specific shelter openings will be announced through the media, Alachua County Emergency Management's website, social media, and by dialing 3-1-1. Special needs shelters are available in the county for those with special medical needs. Transportation can be provided. For more information or to register for the Special Needs Registry, Call (352) 264-6500 or visit www.specialneeds.alachuacounty.us

Bring your disaster kit to the shelter with you. Items in your kit should include food (particularly special dietary items), water, medications, bedding, and clothing. For a full list of supplies, please see our disaster kit video. You are responsible for the supplies you will need while staying in a shelter.

If you and your pet are both in need of sheltering, you may bring them to any shelter and they will be transported to the Alachua County Animal Shelter. You may also drop them off at this location. You must pick up your pet within 24 hours of shelter closings.