Big 6 Hazards

Alachua County has six major hazards that residents should prepare for: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, workplace violence and terrorism, and chemical spills. Here are some preparedness tips for each:

Hurricanes: Create a communication plan. Protect your home and other assets. Plan for your pets in advance. Make a disaster kit. Notify at least one out-of-town contact of your emergency plans.

Tornadoes: Pick a safe room in your house that is on the lowest floor, towards the center, and windowless. Bring your disaster kit. If you live in a mobile home, seek a sturdier shelter.

Floods: Never walk or drive through flowing water or flooded areas, avoid power lines and electrical wires, and report all downed power lines.

Wildfires: Have your emergency kit ready in case of evacuation. Follow all evacuation instructions. Never try to fight a fire. Check your home for fire hazards, both inside and outside. Make sure your home has regularly tested smoke detectors.

Workplace violence and Terrorism: At work, have an assigned meeting place in case of evacuation. Notify local authorities of suspicious activity. At home, determine a family meeting place, have a disaster kit, and determine a safe room.

Chemical Spills: Follow all instructions issued by authorities. You may instructed to evacuate or to shelter in place. To shelter in place, turn off ventilation systems, go to your safe room, and seal doorways and windows with wet towels and duct tape. Monitor local media, social media or Emergency Management’s website for further instructions or the all clear.